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Look Back to Look Forward

Image by Ian Schneider


Transform Uncertainty into Clarity

“The past is like using your rearview mirror in your car- it’s good to glance back and see how far you’ve come; but if you stare too long, you’ll miss what is right in front of you.” -Unknown

The practice of looking back to look forward affords us an opportunity to gain a better understanding of connections between the past and the future.  Are you moving toward the future that you dream of? What is the vision for your ideal life?  Who do you need to become to make it happen?  This course can help you create a crystal clear vision of where you are going and help you become who you need to be. 

Looking Back: Reflecting back on the previous year, we’ve all experienced a lot of challenges and uncertainty.  Maybe you’ve seen some of these challenges through tears and frustration.  Some may have opened unexpected gifts.  What parts of your life stand out to you? What parts of your physical wellness, emotional wellness, relationships, habits, goals, finances, career have been working for you and what parts would you like to change?  There is power and pressure when we are dissatisfied. It can move us forward. It is the positive force that can motivate us.  Personal growth and wisdom come from being able to look at the past and reframe and revise our stories so that we can continue to evolve for a changing future.

Look Forward: As we edge toward the upcoming year, and all the renewal and reframes intertwined with the continued uncertainty, this course invites you to transform your uncertainty into clarity.  It is designed to give you the confidence to walk into 2023 guided by an open, joyful heart, to feel more alive, more aligned with your vision, to feel you have a track that you are on.  It’s a choosing, a reclaiming of what’s important to you.  The horses and I will help you find your footing on this path that bridges what has been into what will be. Join us in the heated lounge of Indigo Trails for two Sundays where we will gain insight from our past, become clear on our intentions and our goals, create our visions, and in the last session we will be in the indoor arena to move forward into our future with the horses as our guides.



LOCATION: Indigo Trails Farm; 2782 White Crossing Rd; Verona, WI

CANCELLATION POLICY You are holding a spot, so reservations for this event are non-refundable unless we can fill your space. Please know that you may transfer your registration to another person.



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