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You will be present with horses in all of our workshops and retreats. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for being around horses. We will not ride the horses and you do NOT have to have any horse experience to benefit, just the willingness to learn from one!

Start Date: Friday, May 19, 2017
End Date: Sunday, May 21, 2017
Location: Indigo Trails Verona, Wisconsin

Learn How To:
• Explore your attitudes and beliefs around food
• Heal your relationship with food
• Awaken to new thoughts, feelings, and actions that will transform your life and your health

Are you ready to challenge your beliefs and opinions around food and health? Maybe even explore some ideas contrary to accepted traditional ones? Join this dynamic duo of Dr. Tanda Cook, ND and Dr. Stacey Bean, MD for this retreat that will create an opportunity for you to unplug, connect, grow, learn, experience the magic of horses, and the gift of being fully present. We will give you tools through food, health, and horses to take into your daily life that will create the future you have dreamed of. You will walk away with the understanding that the way you show up can have a deep impact on your health and how you choose to live and create your life. This retreat takes a holistic approach, designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit in a deeply relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by natural beauty, horses, and healthy, delicious food.

The Retreat Includes:
• Mindfulness Practices and Journaling
• Cooking Demonstrations
• Presentations on Healthy Nutrition and the Principles of Energy for an Inspired Life
• Transformational Work and Energy Healing with the horses
• Plenty of time to rest, recharge and spend time with like minded individuals
• Healthy, delicious food

Stacey has such a natural, sweet, and nurturing coaching presence.  Her big heart and her loving patience allows the client to journey to their inner wisdom and liberating truths. Christina S., Colorado

Coming Summer 2017!
Location: Indigo Trails Verona, Wisconsin

Learn How To:
• Discover what’s truly holding you back
• Silence your inner critic
• Understand the role each chakra plays in your life
• Use sound meditation to journey within your deep, unexplored self
• Experience life with heart awareness

Ready to reconnect to your true self with the help of horses, nature, and community?  Do you want to explore what’s holding you back or causing you pain, heal those parts of you that you feel are not supported or accepted, and awaken to your inner strength and authentic self?  This is a retreat to re-energize, transform, and reconnect within.  Coaches Stacey Bean and Rie Butler along with the horses will help you utilize an experiential program of meditation, yoga, journaling, creative expression and deep, personal journeying.  Working with each member on a one on one basis, we will guide you through uncovering your core strengths, discovering your true identity, and realizing your full potential. You will be handed the practical tools to bring about personal and professional transformation.  You will return home experiencing a profound and enduring sense of strength and possibility, belief in yourself, and connected with your purpose.  You will be ready to live your life to its fullest potential.

The Retreat Includes:
• 1 yoga session each day
• 2 meditations sessions each day
• Transformational Work and Energy healing with the horses
• Time to simply be, enjoy the beautiful surroundings to journal, reflect, and relax
• Healthy, delicious food

As Stacey’s client, I felt completely safe and understood.  She was able to help me open up to my own wisdom and move forward in a very positive direction.  Her presence is strong and helpful.  Highly recommended! Bethany P., MI

Single Day Retreat
Date: Coming this Spring 2017!
Location: Indigo Trails Verona, Wisconsin

Learn How To:

  • Be with the present moment
  • Live with less stress and more compassion using simple mindfulness practices
  • Improve your relationships through a deeper understanding of self and others

Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present moment without judgement.  In this one day retreat, we will begin to demystify “mindfulness” and allow you to re-energize mind, body and soul in the beauty and serenity of Indigo Trails.  Coach Stacey Bean will be your guide in this introduction to Mindfulness.  Come explore what it is, how do you practice Mindfulness and what are the real benefits to you – in terms of wellbeing, stress reduction, changing your relationship to the world and transforming relationships.  Experience first hand a sampling of a couple mindfulness practices that you can take home and implement into your daily life.

This Retreat Includes:
• Mindfulness Meditation & Journaling
• Discussion topics on the benefits of Mindfulness and how to incorporate them into your life
• Time to reflect, re-energize, and reconnect with the land, yourself, and others
• Lunch


“Stacey is wonderfully creative and strong as a coach, while at the same time maintaining an inviting softness that allows those who work with her to feel safe to share their story.” Adrianna, AZ

Date: Coming Spring 2017! Call to book your appointment

Location: Indigo Trails Verona, Wisconsin

Not a horse person? Intrigued to learn more about them? Want to experience the magic of being around them? Looking for some time away from the pace of your life? Needing some fresh air?

Come spend an evening with us at the farm. This experience is for the person who is interested in learning more about horses and while doing so, learn more about yourself. You will have an opportunity to connect with the land, the horses, one another, and yourself as well as reflect on the experiences and their connections to your life.

Stacey doesn’t miss a beat.  She is clear and direct with her client, while holding the highest level of compassion and respect for them.  She creates a safe space for her client to work and dig within.  I felt comfort in her presence.  What an empowering coach she is. Elizabeth, RI