Horses are incredibly sensitive, intuitive beings. They see the truth within us — even when we are not aware of our own truth.

yellowswoop Around people they sense our intentions and emotions that we convey through body language.  They even sense subtle changes in our respiration and heart rate and become aware of our energy level.  They see through us straight to our core and highlight the defenses that stand in our way.  Some say the horse is a mirror to our soul reflecting back to us our inner emotional processes.  As such they teach us about our authentic selves which helps us heal from old wounds and patterns that keep us from evolving. Horses are masters at helping us identify the behaviors that impact our relationships, our careers, and our lives in both negative and positive ways. They force us to face ourselves.  And once we are able to do that, we can discover much greater freedom and inspiration as we move forward on our life’s journey with more intimacy and connection with our natural world. Working with a horse in a coaching situation, you will learn how to communicate more clearly, how to acknowledge and manage your emotions and how to be more congruent with your actions. Meet the healing herd…


I’m Cowboy and I’m a Half Arabian.  My dad is a Quarter Horse Paint and my mom is a full bred Arabian. I truly love people and, when I meet you, I will walk right up and reach out to touch you. When we work together, it will be my goal to push you out of your bubble.  If you want to learn to set boundaries and say no, I’m a wonderful teacher because I will challenge you!  I am also very in tune with your energy and I will let you know when you are not being truly honest with yourself.  I may walk away from you or give you a gentle shove with my nose to remind you that I see the true you and I’m here to encourage you to step into your greatness. I am also known as the chakra balancer of our herd which means I can open blocked chakras when I energetically read where your emotions are stuck in your body.  My feedback is direct and expressive and I have a playful and curious personality.  My gift is bringing you into the present moment and showing you that play, humor, and perseverance is a good thing!


My name is Indy, short for Seeking Indigo.  I am a Friesian Sport Horse and I was formerly an Amish buggy horse.  I am sensitive and trust is very important to me. I will watch you closely to see if I can trust you and I like to take my time to build a connection with you — which means I only connect when I’m ready. Maybe you can relate?  I am an extrovert and I am not afraid to show my feelings.  When I get scared I will react first and think later which has put me in some embarrassing situations.  I look for a strong, loving and fair leader whom I can trust to help me be more confident and remind me to act instead of react to my environment.  I have worked hard to build my confidence in myself and others and in doing so I am more peaceful, connected, and a better partner in my relationships.   I have a large and powerful presence and my gift is I can teach you how to be true to yourself and help you uncover and own your personal power with beauty, grace, and sensitivity.


I’m Dakota and I am the wise old soul of our healing herd (and the oldest we think).  I came from Minnesota near Amish country and my background is unknown.  The best guess on my age is that I was born around the year 2000.  I am an introvert and I hold my emotions very tight to my chest. I can easily be misunderstood where people think I am rock solid and a Steady Eddy because of my calm exterior but sometimes on the inside I hold my stress and my worry in until it makes me physically ill.  I know a lot of people who are just like me.  Do you?  I am kind, gentle, and stoic.  I have the ability to hold space for you and help you remove limiting beliefs and patterns by releasing old energy and moving you out of your head and into your body.


I’m DK, short for “Dirty Kisses”.  I’m a Quarter Horse mare with blue eyes and I am lovingly referred to as “the blue eyed princess”.  I was formerly a western pleasure show horse as well as a partner in equine assisted therapy at a different facility.  So I have previous experience in this arena. Nothing scares me! People describe me as brave, confident and reliable. My goal is to make you feel completely comfortable and safe, so I often work with people who are timid or unsure around horses. I am very good at  assisting you in processing those deep-down emotions because I remain grounded. You can trust me as your companion on your inner journey. In my leisure time, you will find me doing my own thing and not afraid to stand out and away from the herd.



My name is Bodhi and I am a Quarter Horse bay gelding.  I am the newest member of this healing herd.  I was formerly highly trained in the Parelli natural horsemanship methods and traveled the country doing clinics and demonstrations.  However, due to a career ending injury I am starting on a new path.  One of my many gifts is that I am very intuitive and can see the truth in you.  Because of this, I have taken on the new name of “Bodhi” which is a Sanskrit word for “enlightenment” and “awakened”.  In Buddhism it is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. I love people and I am very curious about this energy healing work and what it can do to help people live their truth.


My name is Kabuki and as you can tell I’m not a horse, I’m a dog.  I am an English Golden Retriever and I am an extremely sweet, submissive, friendly soul.  I love people and will run up to greet you as you arrive on the farm with my tail wagging and whining happily because I am just so excited that you are here and that you will pet me and shower me with love. I’m really smart and always know when you need some canine attention. If you need me to, I’ll come up and plop down on your feet. Sometimes, I’ll sit right next to you and lean up against you so you will pet me.  I enjoy treats, being part of the healing herd, and running around the farm with a smile on my face.